1000+ Craft Beverage Customers now using Ekos

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In only three years, Ekos Brewmaster has hit over 1000 craft beverage customers across the country and internationally. Ekos Brewmaster was started with the intention to fill a void between the craft industry and an affordable brewery management software. With this void being their goal, Ekos Brewmaster started targeting the craft beer industry. Since their start, they have taken on other craft beverage makers and plan to customize the Ekos platform even more in 2018.

With the frustrations of managing inventory, streamlining brewery production processes, understanding financials and the sales cycle – craft brewers needed an easy to use, one stop shop to organize and manage their brewery in. Ekos Brewmaster helps brewers do just this. Ekos focuses on four key areas of a craft business – operations, production, accounting and sales. With these at the top of the priority list, they make it easy for the craft to customize their Ekos platform to fit the brewery’s needs.

Not only do they offer these functionalities through the platform, but they also offer free getting started training and support. Ekos Brewmaster strives to bring a great customer experience. With this being at the top of their priority list, they focus heavily on the partnership with the brewers by providing free support and expanding the Ekos knowledge to their users.

“We want our customers to use Ekos Brewmaster to its fullest potential,” says Josh McKinney, CEO Ekos Brewmaster.  “If a user doesn’t understand something we are here to walk them through process to help them scale their business.”

Ekos Brewmaster is the industry leader in providing management software to independent craft manufacturing businesses – currently focusing on craft beer and cider! Still growing in size, they partner with over 1000 craft beverage producers in over 30 countries to manage their day to day business in production, operations, sales and accounting. With just a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a mobile device, they have made it easy for customers to organize, manage, and integrate information from every area of their operation into one easily accessible location.

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Written by Ekos