2019: Year in Review

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2019 has been a big year for us. We’ve released over 350 product enhancements, and more than a third of those came from user requests. That includes our most requested feature in the Ekos Idea Portal — custom security profiles.

We also had a few big additions to Ekos this year. We added two new products, Ekos Winemaker and Ekos Maker. And we added new integrations for Square and Arryved Point of Sale systems and Xero accounting software. We made major usability improvements for task management, recipe development, and excise taxes to make moving through the platform easier on users, and navigation in the Ekos app was simplified and streamlined.

Some specific enhancements we’re really proud of include a production landing page with an all-task view and an all-batch calendar, the ability to purchase by bag weight or tote volume using custom units of measure, asset tracking usability improvements with mobile keg scanning, and the addition of recipe templates that expedite new product development.

We improved taproom functionality with allocation for taproom tax paid, the ability to kick multiple kegs at once, and the option to sell multiple items to the taproom at once. We also added a batch overview widget, “Prep Ingredients” task, and multiple sales tax rates on invoices.

Basically, we did our best to listen to what our users needed and deliver it. But we’re not done yet — there’s so much more coming in 2020, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Stay tuned in the new year for more enhancements, integrations, and usability improvements — and keep sending us your ideas through the Aha! Idea Portal. We promise to continue making Ekos the best it can be, so we can help you make more.

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