3 Brewery Accounting Hacks to Help You Get Ahead with Ekos

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You didn’t get into craft brewing to spend hours filling out paperwork or digging through your accounting system. Ekos is a great tool for helping combat the amount of time you have to spend doing admin work, but with these 3 tips, you can help set your team up for even more success.

If you do it in real life, do it in Ekos:

Our platform works best when processes on the ground match processes in the software. When doing this, users are not constantly having to correct repetitive mistakes, engage in retroactive data entry, and spend their time hunting down incorrectly entered transactions. One of the best ways to utilize Ekos, is to use it as a tool in every aspect of the company.

Make Processes Standardized:

Create a purchasing policy that is in line with industry best practices. While there may be several people participating in the purchasing process, use the Ekos brewery management software to help provide checks and balances on ordering, receiving, and reconciling. Another low hanging fruit opportunity involves closing your books and Ekos at the same time each month.  This helps prevent back dating, typos, etc. in order to protect the integrity of the information.

Use Ekos Reporting

Two of my favorite reports are Bills Not Received and $0 Inventory Receipts. These reports are great checks and balances for Bookkeepers and Controllers. The Bills Not Received gives an indicator of AP that has not synced over to QuickBooks – which usually indicates duplicate entry of COGS or inaccurate COGS reflected in the financials. $0 Inventory Receipts also helps validate the average based costing system Ekos uses – zero dollars don’t do much to help accurate averages.

Accounting does not have to be a constant headache. Paired with these three tips, Ekos is a great way to get all of your data into one place and save hours of time when crunching the numbers. Interested in learning more about what Ekos can do for you? Head to our functions pages and look at the CPA role or send an email to info@goekos.com to start the conversation.

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Written by Ekos