4 Ekos Security Updates

Coming soon you'll begin to see updates to many of the security elements surrounding Ekos.

To say our customers trust us with their data would be drastically understating the truth. 

The truth, our customers trust us with their passion and, in many cases, their livelihood. The gratitude we have for them is absolutely huge and we'd hate to disappoint even a single one of them. It is for this reason that we take the security of Ekos so seriously.

With the latest release - you'll see updates to many of the security elements surrounding Ekos. Here is an overview of what has been updated, as well as some tips to make the most of the new features.

1. Password Strength 

We're grading you! We won't make it too hard to pass, but we will reward you for doing better. On this exam, the better you do the longer you get to keep your password. It's open book so read up and make a password that will last. More on this later.

2. Password Resets 

We want to ensure it is really you. No one likes a poser! If you reset your password, you'll receive a onetime PIN that will be required to change your password. Those PINs will expire so no procrastinating.

3. Failed Attempts 

We understand forgetting your password now and then. Hopefully it is because you made a really awesome one. Just don't forget it too many times consecutively or we'll be asking you to cool off those fingers and try again when you've had some time to think. This isn't to be a hinderance to our users but rather to protect you from a brute force attack.

4. Management Tools

Our management users will have access to a more robust set of tools to manage their users and their system access.

Be on the lookout for additional enhancements in the future as we continue to keep your passions secure. Interested in password tips? We've got 'em!