4 Steps to Streamlining Your Brewery’s Sales Order Process

How one brewery saved 10 hours per week

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Being involved in a growing craft beverage business is exciting — watching the brand go from unknown to beloved and sought-after can be extremely rewarding. But if you work in the industry, you know there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. One of the stickiest processes to manage effectively is the sales order process, particularly when you self-distribute your products. From orders and invoices to payment processing and administrative work, it can be a full-time job in and of itself. 

In 2019, Ekos customer Moody Ales had enough of this headache. “We were struggling to get all orders, invoices, inventory management, and credit card payment processing within 40 hours a week,” said Adam Crandall, Moody Ales co-founder. “And we often had additional part-time labor help out on a weekly basis.” 

The Moody Ales team made major changes to how they keep track of sales orders to improve efficiency and stay on top of new sales opportunities that could boost its bottom line. There were four core shifts that made the biggest difference, enabling them to reduce the time spent on this process by about 10 hours per week (yes, per week).  

How Moody Ales Improved Sales Order Efficiency 

  1. Managing sales orders via their business management software.

    Previously, the Moody Ales sales team communicated new orders via email, rather than in a centralized location. Now, they use the sales order function in Ekos to push order entry to the sales team. “This reduced data entry errors [and] the pressure on the order desk staff,” said Adam. The team also configured some custom Ekos reports to enable backorder and pre-order tracking. 
  1. Implementing signed delivery slip scanning

    The team was already managing invoice creation via Ekos, but they had trouble keeping track of the signed versions once a delivery was made. Their delivery slip scanning system allowed them to create searchable, indexed PDFs that synchronize to a Google Drive account. Now, when a customer asks for a copy of a signed invoice or the Moody Ales team needs to find proof of delivery to request payment, they can search this folder by invoice number and save time.   
  1. Using the QuickBooks Online bulk transaction importer app. 

    Moody Ales is located in Port Moody, British Columbia, and as such they frequently process payments from the liquor stores owned by the provincial government — whose payment reporting is “confusing and often not as accurate as we need to match payments to invoices,” said Adam. (Hey, BC, it’s nothing personal.) The bulk transaction importer app allows Moody Ales to easily process larger journal entries related to these transactions. 
  1. Removing manual labor associated with credit card processing. 

    According to Adam, one of the biggest time-wasters was credit card processing. “We were finding it would take about 8 to 10 hours a week to process all credit card payments, often having to retry the same cards over and over due to declines.” To avoid this nightmare, the team automated the process with a local BC company that automatically charges the cards on file for any invoices from Ekos that are synced to QuickBooks on the date they are due. The payment is applied to the QuickBooks invoice and the customer is sent a receipt and copy of the paid invoice. “This has taken our weekly payment processing time from 8 to 10 hours a week to basically zero,” said Adam. 

Want to Learn More About Streamlining Sales Orders? 

While the Moody Ales team made use of many resources to reduce time spent on the sales order process, one tool was essential: Ekos. Ekos is a business management software built for brewers with built-in sales functionality — ideal for breweries that self-distribute. And with our comprehensive QuickBooks accounting integration, you can save 15 to 20 additional hours per month on manual reconciliation by eliminating duplicate entry between your inventory and accounting systems. 

Reach out to our team today for details and pricing information. 

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Written by Becca