5 Reasons You Shoud Be Forecasting - and we're not talking about the weather

Stop wondering what's in your inventory and start knowing your real time numbers - from raw materials to finished goods.

Are you always wondering what is in inventory? 

Do you have an eager sales team that wants to know what finished goods are being packaged in the future? Never fear – the Ekos Forecasting Tool is here! This tool has the power to display the movements of your raw materials, WIP, and packaged goods – sweet. 

1. Communicate between departments – without talking.

Everyone is busy and we don't always have time for face-to-face meetings to discuss what's coming down the pipe. The Forecasting Tool allows users to see real time information on ingredient quantities, WIP volume, and finished goods inventory. 

2. Catch mistakes before they're made.

The Forecasting Tool alerts you to quantities in the negative or reaching a low threshold by different color fields. From a high level, you can see what's in the red and where you may hit an insufficient inventory warning, allowing you to correct your mistake before it's even made. Magic, right? 

3. Create accurate purchase orders. 

Do you find yourself making semi-educated guesses on what raw materials need to be ordered for your next round of batches? If you're ending up with the wrong quantity of ingredients, the forecasting tool is here to help. By planning out your batches, Ekos forecasts ingredient usage based on recipes – and allows you to dig into the numbers to see the exact batch associated with the transactions. 

4. Break down transactions by month, week, or day. 

Sometimes we need a deeper dive into information - Ekos gives you that power. You can drill into each month, week, or day to see a targeted list of data that is relevant in that moment. This is valuable for your entire team to get focused on specific data that relates directly to their responsibilities. 

5. Empower your sales team 

When your production team plans batches and creates packaging plans, your sales team can see what finished goods inventory they have available to sell, down to the date. This allows your team to make accurate customer invoices – even if they're in the field. That's right – this tool is mobile!  

Learn more about specific features in Ekos designed for every area of your business – learn more.