5 Reasons Why - We Can Help with Your Beer Production

Beer production growing too quickly to maintain through spreadsheets? 

No worries – we have the perfect solution to help your production efforts go to the next level while giving you more time to focus on brewing business. Ekos Brewmaster is here to help you manage your brewery production in one central location from anywhere. Here are 5 reasons why -  


1.     Easy to Use from Anywhere

We know that brewing has you on the go a lot. From managing equipment on your brewery floor to double checking inventory in your warehouse – you are always on the move. With our cloud based system, Ekos Brewmaster helps you take your production processes anywhere you go through the Ekos app. There is no additional charge to use the Ekos app – making you free to put it on as many devices as your team needs.


2.     All Your Brewery Info in 1 Place

It’s easy to get caught up in the midst of brewing and not realize inventory is running low or what is needed to make your batches for that month. We’re here to help you house all your brewery’s info in one
location. From inventory needed to brew to products on hand to recipes for your seasonal batches to knowing your finished goods on hand – Ekos houses all of your brewery operations.  


3.    Real Time Tracking of Inventory

Malt, hops, and kegs are hard to keep track of and the numbers can be all over the place. We make it easy to keep track of your current inventory – projecting real time numbers on what your team is using in
that week’s batches. This also allows open communication with your sales’ team to know what finished goods are still in stock to sell.


4.     Ingredient Forecasting

We’ll also help you forecast needed ingredients for your flagships and seasonal brews which is especially helpful when approaching a busy season like the holidays. You’ll be able to see what ingredients are needed to keep your brewery on track with your production and sales’ numbers – giving you the knowledge to know when it’s time to place another order.  Helping to not skip a beat getting your brews to your customers.


5.    BROP & TTB Tax Reporting

One of the most beloved processes about brewing is the reoccurring BROP and TTB tax report due to the federal government. We know production crews love putting their time into this report – so we decided we’d help make it easier on them. We help generate these reports based off the info you’ve entered into Ekos Brewmaster. The report takes only minutes and saves your team hours a month.


Also curious how we help in these areas - Accounting and Sales? We have 5 reasons how for each of them as well. Check out our blog to learn more.