Tasting Thursday: District Dry, ANXO Cidery

Think all hard ciders are sweet? Let us introduce you to ANXO.

For this week's tasting, we're trying a dry cider from ANXO (pronounced "ahn-cho") Cidery in Washington, DC. All of ANXO's ciders are of the dry variety, meaning all the residual sugar from the apples they use is completely fermented (turned into alcohol). As a result, you'll see some higher ABV percentages than you might expect from a cider, with most around 6.9%!

ANXO's District Dry cider uses three varieties of apples harvested from Pennsylvania and Virginia that are then fermented in a stainless steel vessel. The resulting cider has aromas of melon and ripe apples and clean flavors of apple skins, candied apple, and melon with lingering tannins. If you're looking for a balanced cider, this is the one to try.

Have you tried any of ANXO's ciders? What did you think?

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Check Out ANXO Cidery