CiderCon is Next Week – Here are 4 Must Dos at the Con

CiderCon is the largest meeting of cider makers in the United States hosted by the U.S. Association of Cider Makers. 

This year the Con is being held in Baltimore from January 30 through February 2. During CiderCon, cider makers learn more about market trends and how to position their cidery - still leaving room for some fun and taste testing. Here are 4 MUST DOs during CiderCon 2018 –


1.     Cider Regulations on TTB Reports – Wednesday

Business first - TTB Reporting may not be the team’s most favorite part of job, but it’s absolutely necessary. Because of this importance CiderCon has allotted two and a half hours to talk through cider TTB regulations. Make sure you plan to attend this session on Wednesday afternoon followed by our next to do…


2.     Cider Sharing – Wednesday

After two and a half hours of discussing cider TTB regulations – CiderCon kick-offs the first of many cider shares. There will be multiple times to try unique ciders from various cideries around the states. But it’s just the start of the Con so we can’t go too crazy.


3.    Cider Tours - Tuesday

CiderCon is hosting Cider Tours the Tuesday before everything kicks off. They have 3 tours heading in different directions – Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Each tour will experience sightseeing, while visiting several cideries in the area and include lunch. These tours are an additional cost - so make sure to save your seat!


4.     Current Industry Trends – Thursday

During CiderCon there will be many sessions relating to the industry, but this is one that will be interesting to attend. Caitlyn Battaglia and Matt Crompton, from Neilson, will be looking at “How to Use Nielsen Data to Grow your Sales.” The session will talk about how to walkthrough Nielsen’s data and use it for your cideries growth.


While you’re enjoying all the MUST DOs of CiderCon 2018, make sure to stop by and see our team at Booth #107. We’ll be giving live demos of our new system built specifically for the cider maker, along with FREE financial analysis. Learn more here.


Can’t wait to see you there!