Tip Tuesday: Copying Sales Invoices in Ekos

Save time creating invoices with this week's tip.

Today’s tip is a time saver for your sales team that will increase productivity and reduce manual data entry.

Oftentimes, you have customers that place the same order each week or month. To save you time, you can copy existing invoices in Ekos instead creating new ones from scratch.

To copy, head to the Sales Order or Invoice you want to duplicate — it can be in a draft or Posted status. When you click Copy, Ekos will create a new version with a new unique identifier number. You're able to make any changes or customizations for this specific record and move forward with your tasks as needed.

If you’re syncing with Xero or QuickBooks, no worries — any payments that have been applied to the original order will not be copied to the new one.

That's it for today’s tip — see you next time!