Tip Tuesday: Creating Custom Units of Measure in Ekos

Do you purchase some items in one measurement but stock them in another? This tip can help make that easier.

Today’s tip is about creating custom units of measure. Oftentimes, you may purchase an ingredient in one measurement and store that same ingredient in another, creating the need for custom conversions. If you purchase your grain, flour, or fruit in a standard size bag and store them in individual units, you can mirror this process in Ekos.

By going to the Unit of Measure Settings behind the double arrow tab, you can create a new unit of measure for each of these items. If you buy your strawberries by the 20 pound bag, you can create one with the name "20 pound bag" and specify it is equal to 20 individual pounds. On this ingredient, you’ll differentiate between the purchase UOM of bags and the stock UOM of pounds, giving you more flexibility in your purchasing and production process.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time! Learn more about how Ekos can help you with inventory management here or contact our team for more information.