Tasting Thursday: Pecan Pie DIPA, Decadent Ales

Pie + beer = happiness. What, you didn't learn that equation in math class?

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re trying a beer inspired by a Thanksgiving classic (at least in the South): pecan pie.

This beer from Decadent Ales could be a dessert all on its own — and we mean that as a compliment. It's a Double IPA — though you might forget that with all the sweet, maple-syrupy flavor that hits you — but we're not complaining. This beer was not made to taste like hops — it was made to taste like pie! With crushed pecans and maple syrup added, those sweet notes come through without overwhelming your palate.

This is just one of the many unique brews from Decadent Ales. Have you tried this or any of their other beers? What should we try next? Let us know!

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Decadent Ales