Tasting Thursday: Future's So Bright Lemonade & Limeade, Devil's Foot Beverage Company

We don't always drink alcoholic beverages for Tasting Thursday...

This week, we're switching gears and trying two non-alcoholic, all-natural sparkling beverages from Devil's Foot Beverage Company in Asheville, NC. Their signature lemonade and limeade (called "Future's So Bright") are incredibly refreshing — perfect for a hot summer day. The lemonade is made with over 600 fresh squeezed lemons per batch, and both the lemonade and limeade are sweetened only with organic cane sugar and regional honey.

With no caffeine, alcohol, or preservatives and significantly less sugar than a typical soft drink, you can feel good about giving these fizzy drinks to your family, too! Although we hear they also make great cocktail mixers.

Have you tried a sparkling beverage from Devil's Foot? What should we try next? Let us know in the comments and tune in next week for another review!

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Devil's Foot Beverage Company