Digital Facility View - Say What?!

Ekos provides its users a digital view customized to match their facility. Making a more user friendly production management software.

We know you’re in and out of the business day after day. You know the place like the back of your hand. 

You’ve memorized where the ingredients are – or should be – and you know what’s in each tank. BUT it’s not always easy to communicate that knowledge to your team – especially when keeping up with growth requires you to hire new staff members. With Ekos, we make it easier for your team to have full transparency into the day to day operations of your business, without having to track each other down.


Ekos provides its users a digital view customized to match their facility - including cidery or brewery floor, locations like your warehouse, multiple storage areas, and your taproom. Ekos believes it’s easier to train your staff by providing a visual representation of your brewery or cidery when they’re working in the system. Here are some ways the facility view provides better insight into your business -


Real Time Visual

The Ekos Facility View allows your team to monitor each step of the batch process from the initial start to the day you package. Users can view their inventory counts in a specific location with just a click or a tap – and moving inventory from one location to another is as easy as drag and drop.



With the visual view on your device, it’s easy for your team to move inventory, check batches, and know what’s going on at every location. Running a business comes with its levels of confusion - especially when you’re working with multiple production facilities, numerous locations, taprooms, and storage facilities. The Ekos Facility View will help your team get organized and stay that way by providing easy, clickable access into each area for a quick overview of what’s inside. Organized by allowing you to select different coloring codes for each product as they go through the production process to packaging, allowing you to know what’s in progress with a quick glance. For those that operate multiple locations, including barrel warehouses, there are tabs on your Facility View that allow you to navigate between each site.


Time Management

Your team’s time is very valuable and we’ve seen the Ekos Facility View save teams hours of headache by having all your important information in one central place. With the ability to drag and drop through the batch process, as well as adding ingredients with a simple click – it’s an easy process for all of your team to use and track their data. From sanitation logs to batch info to taproom sales, the entire business is can be viewed in one place - ultimately saving management hours of time checking the status of the business.


Access from Anywhere

Last – but certainly not least – Ekos can be accessed from anywhere. With our cloud based system, Ekos allows you to manage your business from any device through your web browser or apps on your iOS or Andriod device. Whether you’re on the brewery floor or in a business meeting, you’re able to see your production process and update it as need with the Ekos Facility View.

Ekos is here to be your one stop shop brewery management system. Our goal is to partner with your team to help your business grow. Find out how Ekos can fit into your team here.