Tip Tuesday: Editing All Pricelists in Ekos

Today’s tip is on editing the sales price of an item across multiple pricelists.

If your business operates with multiple pricelists for different regions or states, this tip will save you time in Ekos.

Let’s say the price of an ingredient increased for your flagship product, resulting in an increased sales price on the finished good. You need to get each of your pricelist updated in the most efficient fashion for that product, without going to each item individually. By starting on that product’s profile, you can choose to Edit Sales Price for your packaging types. Here, Ekos will show the current price for each packaging type, on each pricelist, and you make the changes here.

By editing prices across all pricelists at once, you’ll save valuable time and can get back to your customers. That’s it for today’s tip — see you next time!

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