Tip Tuesday: Ekos Forecasting Tool

On today's Tip Tuesday Hunter dives into the Ekos Forecasting Tool.


Today's tip is on the Ekos forecasting tool – a powerful feature that lets your production team, managers, and sales team view the movements of your raw materials, WIP volume, and finished goods in real time.

Many of our users request reports to see what their planned product volume is for a month compared to customer invoices – the forecasting tool can be considered a live, real time report that gives you this exact information at the click of a button. You can also drill into each month, week, or day to see a targeted list of data that is relevant in that moment. When your production team plans batches and creates packaging plans, your sales team can see what finished goods inventory they have available to sell, down to the date. It also alerts you when quantities of an item go negative, or reaching their reorder point, by different color indicators. From a high level, you can see what's in the red and where you may hit an insufficient inventory warning, allowing you to correct your mistake before it's even made.  

Let the Forecasting Tool help guide your purchasing, production, and customer sales with data you've already created, giving some time back to your team. That's it for today's tip – we'll see you next Tuesday!