Ekos in the Brewery: Bad Tattoo Brewing Company

We sat down with Derek, the Operations Manager of Bad Tattoo Brewing Company, to talk about how they had utilized our Brewmaster platform to help grow their production and distribution.

We sat down with Derek, the Operations Manager of Bad Tattoo Brewing Company, located in Penticton, British Columbia, to talk about how Ekos has helped his brewery increase in production volume, distribution, and his overall thoughts about the brewery management software.

Q: Why did you start using Ekos?  

A: We have only been around for a year and a half, so Bad Tattoo is relatively new. Up until we started using Ekos, our brewing and inventory information was stored in various places. It was becoming difficult to keep things together. Also, we were already using QuickBooks Online (QBO), so Ekos' integration with QBO was a huge selling point.  

Q: What area in your brewery were you trying to improve with Ekos?  

A: We were looking to improve the process from packaging to sales, there was a lot of paperwork we had to do prior to signing up to figure out what inventory we had to offer. The second area we were trying to streamline was our distribution process. Being able to generate pick lists and create delivery routes has been a tremendous benefit of using Ekos.

"Ekos works as advertised – taking and building sales orders for deliveries is easier than ever"

Q: Are there certain tools in Ekos that have helped you?  

A:  What hasn’t?! The delivery side of things is huge for us. Delivering twice a week and working with a distributor is tough to keep track of without something like Ekos.  

Q: How has your business grown since you started using Ekos?  

A: We have grown in volume of production going out the doors. Our biggest growth has been more in the local market by getting more tap space. 

Q: Would you recommend Ekos to other breweries?  

A: In short, I would recommend Ekos for the usability and support. I have recommended it to other brewers and have them calling me and asking how we used the system compared to them. Having all of our data cumulated within Ekos helps us really use that data to plan and understand trends. It really helps us make sense of the numbers and be able to look at patterns year after year. Outside of the data generation, it is also very helpful with our production and accounting processes.  

With Ekos, thousands of craft producers have been able to increase their output by simply streamlining their processes. Our cloud-based brewery software really helped centralize all of Bad Tattoo Brewing's logisitcs - helping them get more product out the door. 

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