Ekos in the Brewery: Black Tooth Brewing Company

Black Tooth Brewing Company was one of the first 50 breweries to start using Ekos. See how they used it to help scale their business and manage exponential growth.

We sat down with Tim, the owner of Black Tooth Brewing Co., located in Sheridan, Wyoming, to talk about how his brewery uses Ekos. Black Tooth was one of the first 50 breweries to start using Ekos Brewmaster. Using it to help scale their business and manage exponential growth. Here is how Ekos has helped his team…

Photo via BlackToothBrewingcompany.com

Q: Why did your team start using Ekos?

A: We started using Ekos when we were about to go through a major expansion. We went from around 1,300 barrels a year back in 2014 to now over 10,000 barrels a year. Ekos was more affordable than competitors - also looked more user friendly.

Q: What areas in your brewery were you trying to improve?

A: We were really trying to improve them all. At the time we had no operations, productions, or sales organization. Black Tooth didn’t have any tools to track those areas, so Ekos really helped us manage our entire operation.

Photo via blacktoothbrewingcompany.com

Q: Are there certain tools in Ekos that have helped?  

A: The facility view in Ekos has been a critical piece to look at and see what we have in the pipeline. The finished goods reports and products list page are also very helpful for my team.  

Q: Has your business grown since using Ekos?  

A: Without a doubt, we have seen exponential growth as a brewery. The staff embraces the craft software and leans on it more heavily, this then puts more pressure on them to make sure they’re keeping inventory up to date.  

“Efficiencies and the checks and balances in Ekos allow us more efficiency as a company.”

Q: Would you recommend Ekos to other brewers?

A: We have recommended it to numerous people. Ekos is really affordable and for what is does, provides a great value. From a company perspective with debt – Ekos helps bring info to the table when looking for numbers to back a business loan. It helps lend credibility to smaller breweries trying to deal with responsibilities.

Photo via blacktoothbrewingcompany.com

Tim and the team at Black Tooth is just one example of how Ekos can help scale your craft business. Think we might be the tool you have been looking for? Send an email to info@goekos.com to learn more about how our brewery management software can help you make more.

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