Ekos in the Brewery: Solace Brewing Company

See how Ekos helped a brewery in-planning organize their processes from the start to manage their growth.

Solace Brewing Company, located in Dulles, Virginia, are one of the hundreds of breweries that started using Ekos before they opened their doors. Our team loves to help breweries in-planning get their processes started in Ekos from day 1. We talked with Jon, the founder of Solace, to get his take on how Ekos has worked to set their team up for success.

Q: What area in your brewery were you trying to improve - Inventory, Production, Sales, Accounting?

A: We didn't decide to go with Ekos because we needed to improve an existing process. We started with Ekos from day 1 of operations.

Q: Were there certain tools in Ekos that have helped Solace? 

A: The BRO, the BRO, and the BRO. Having done BROs manually for years at another brewery, being able to have it automatically populated every quarter is a huge time saver.

Q: Has your business grown since using Ekos?

A: We are a new brewery (a little over a year old), so natural growth was anticipated. However, managing that growth has been made easier thanks to Ekos.

Q: What do you consider the best feature in Ekos for brewers?

A: The forecasting feature is a great tool for planning. There are a lot of great features - from batch planning through production, along with packaging and batch analysis. There are a lot of great reporting features built in as well. But, I have to go back to the BRO. Having started with Ekos from day 1, not having to worry about manually filling out a BRO has been my favorite feature in our instance of Ekos.  

Q: Would recommend Ekos to other brewers? 

A: I was using a different brewery specific ERP/MRP at another brewery. That particular system was terrible. Then it was just basically spreadsheets on top of spreadsheets to manage everything. When we were going to transition to a new ERP/MRP, I demo'ed a number of other systems and Ekos was the clear choice for it's ease of use and overall robust ability as an ERP/MRP system. While going through my initial training on the system, it was evident the system had been designed by working with brewers to find out what worked and didn't work in their current systems.

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