Ekos in the Brewery: Wicked Barley Brewing Company

Wicked Barley Brewing Company started using Ekos just before opening their doors in 2016, see how Ekos helped set them up for success.

Philip Maple, Co-Founder and Brewmaster

Located on the banks of Goodby’s Creek in Jacksonville, Florida, Wicked Barley Brewing Company started using Ekos just before opening their doors in 2016. We sat down with their Co-Founder and Brewmaster, Philip, to discuss how Ekos helped their business grow early on and continues to help them make more.

Q: Why did you start using Ekos?  

A: We were looking for software to help us manage our inventory and help ease ABT reporting. As a new brewery operator it is incredibly important that you focus on producing great beer from the start.

“Being stuck in an office going over spreadsheets is a hindrance to what you do best”

Q: What area in your brewery were you trying to improve?

A: We launched Ekos prior to opening our doors for business, we knew before we started that we had to have an automated product that would allow us to manage batches from grain to glass. We also linked up with an accounting firm Small Batch Standard that is versed in Ekos and QuickBooks Online.

Q: Were there certain tools in Ekos that have helped?  

A: Reporting is a big win. As a business owner you get into trouble when guess things like - how much inventory do I have, how much beer did I produce, how much did I sell? Ekos gives you answers to all these questions.

Q: Has your business grown since you started using Ekos?  

A: The business has certainly grown since we started with Ekos. After two years of operations we are adding additional cellar tanks to keep up with the demands of our customers. Currently also looking at expanding to a second brewpub location in a year's time.

A: Would recommend Ekos to other brewers - why?

Q: Yes - You cannot manage your batches and inventory through spreadsheets. I still see new breweries do this, and their product ultimately suffers. You are not an accountant and you are not a spreadsheet guru. Invest in services/providers that can do the tasks better than you, allowing you to focus on the reason you opened a brewery in the first place. Ekos helps solve these problems.

Being able to help empower craft producers like Wicked Barley is why Ekos exists. Using our cloud-based brewery software they were able to fully leverage their resources from the beginning, helping set them up for success. Think our software may be able to help your brewery or cidery? 

Email us at info@goekos.com to learn how we can help you make more.

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