Ekos' Largest Release Yet

While it seems like we've been in a hole for a few months - our team has been actively working on our largest update yet. Hear from us and see a walkthrough of the updates.


Hey everyone, I’m Josh, CEO here at Ekos, 

and we’re here today to let you know what we’ve been working on the last couple of months. Our team has completely overhauled our production process. Which we previewed at last year’s ekos_con - by the way early bird tickets for ekos_con 2018 are on sale now. Based on the feedback, we went back to the drawing board on some features - enhancing the process even more!

With this update we allow more flexibility to reverse batch transactions, drag and drop batch plans on a calendar view, and increase recipe plans to account for multiple ingredient additions through the lifecycle of the batch like dry-hopping. It’s also easier than ever to plan for multiple tanks being used for fermentation, conditioning, or storage.

BUT that’s not all. We’ve also added task management to the production process so that you can manage your team from one location. Assign tank transfers and cleanings, filtering, ingredient additions, packaging runs to individual users or teams in Ekos. No more using task management apps, whiteboards, spreadsheets, or your Google calendar to make sure things get done. Ekos has it all in one place for you!

This is our largest update yet and we can’t wait to share it with your team next month. Look for more info about this and other exciting Ekos updates hitting your inbox soon.

Oh and don’t forget to register for ekos_con 2018 where we’re going to help you DRAFT your craft! Link for tickets here.

We also want to hear your ideas for ekos_con 2018 - leave them here.