Ekos releases Cidery Management Software – Ekos Cidermaker

After 3 years of focusing on the
brewing process, Ekos is excited to have a platform fully customizable for
cider makers. Ekos Cidermaker is ready and available to help cider makers manage
their business with their cloud based management system. Helping makers with
their creative batch process and populating their TTB reports – like the Report of Wine
Premises Operations/ 702 Report.

Ekos Cidermaker is here to keep the
cider making process as unique and creative as the people crafting it. With the
Ekos cloud based, proprietary platform – it allows you to see all aspects of
your cidery from whereever you are.

“It’s amazing that you can log-in from
anywhere to see what’s going on in your business – especially having your production process, finished goods, and
inventory melted into one system,” said Josie Mielke, Founder & VP of
Operations Urban Orchard Cider Company. 

            Photo Courtesy – Urban Orchard and Stephan Pruitt Photography

The new Ekos Cidermaker is very similar
to Ekos Brewmaster – focusing on a business’ operations, inventory, sales, and
finances. The new aspects for Cidermaker include enhanced tracking of batches
and blends, along with populating the cider makers' 702 TTB report – saving your team hours.


“Over the years we have worked with
numerous cideries to help manage their business, but there were always work
arounds to manage the nuances of making cider as opposed to beer. After working
with some of the best cideries in the country we are proud to be the only
software company to offer a product tailored specifically for cideries,” said
Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos. 


On top of these new features – the Ekos
platform keeps track of your inventory real time allowing you to know when it’s
time for your next order. Invoices can be created on the road by your sales team,
allowing them to also see your current inventory. Cidermaker also equips your
team with reports on various data points to help forecast for the future. Just
like Brewmaster it syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks – making an easy process
for your accounting team to switch over.

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