Ekos Releases Powerful Keg Tracking Module That Help Craft Producers Better Manage Kegs

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Keeping track of large fleets of kegs is an issue many craft producers struggle with. To help combat that, Ekos is now offering a solution with their powerful keg tracking module. Keg tracking functionality saves hours of painstaking manual data entry through tracking kegs location, showing how fresh the product inside is, large keg return scanning, and mobile scanning of kegs.

“Keg tracking functionality saves hours of painstaking manual data entry…”

Tracking a keg’s location:

Ekos gives you the ability to look at customer profiles and see what products they currently have. Giving your sales team insight into what kegs are where, and how long they have been there for – allowing them to know the best time to follow up on re-orders. Tracking your keg’s location also helps your logistics team easily account for the kegs once they have left the facility.

Know how Fresh a Product is:

Help ensure your brew is being served at its best. With this module, you can look at a keg and see how fresh the product inside is, in addition to how long it has been at a client’s location. So the last drip is just as good as the first, and no stale beer is served.

Mobile Scanning:

This functionality is simple and easy to use, whether you are on the road or in your facility. Allowing scanning on both mobile devices and Bluetooth scanners, members of your team, such as delivery drivers, can easily scan from their phone when dropping off or picking up orders.

Large Keg Returns:

This module helps users save time by having the ability to scan kegs coming in from multiple locations at one time, with no need for manual entry. You can also view a keg’s history, seeing information like where they have previously been and the last time they were cleaned.

Ekos Keg Tracking will allow your team to save resources both in the short and long run. Ekos strives on enhancing their proprietary platform based on their users’ feedback to continue to help craft beverage producers make more.

Learn more about how this add-on module will help your team make more by emailing info@goekos.com.

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Written by Ekos