3 Game-Changing Benefits of Using Reports and Dashboards in Ekos

Reports and dashboards offer a huge benefit to Ekos users, we take a quick look at some of those benefits.

One of the huge functions our users have come to love is the reporting and dashboard functionality in Ekos. Who can use these reports and dashboards? Well, just about anyone. They are an especially useful tool for those with a management level profile in Ekos. Here are 3 reasons why our reporting and dashboard functionality are game changing for the way you look at your data.  

1. Quick View of What’s Happening

Management users can easily create reports and custom dashboards to see what is happening in different areas of their facility. They also have access to edit and create reports in Ekos and  share them with specific users or overall Ekos security profiles. If there is certain data on a shared report that should not be altered, you can use filter pins and locks to control how the team interacts with the report.

2. Bring your data to life  

Let’s be honest, spreadsheets are boring to look at. Dashboards in Ekos are a great way to bring your data to life in a colorful and informative way. They are customizable to the user and help you see exactly what you need, providing a great snapshot of your company. We recommend having them up in specific areas of your facility, like your production floor or packaging area, on TVs for your entire team to see their progress.  

3. The Rule of well...3  

Let's talk about the rule of 3 to always keep in mind – limit the steps, simple is best, and avoid going too deep. When creating reports or dashboards avoid diving too deep, to help stop from replicating information. It becomes easy to dig yourself in a hole, so limit yourself to only going three tables deep in the menu. Finding the data you want in the most simple way will help keep your reports clean and organized.

Not sure where to start? No worries, we also have system reports that come automatically loaded in Ekos. A useful system report we see frequently used is the “Inventory All-Items” report. It will show you all your inventory in one quick and simple view. You can easily filter by item class to narrow down and see exactly what you are looking for – like packaging items. 

Think this could be a useful function for your team? If you are a current user head to the Knowledge Base to learn more about how to optimize your reports and dashboards in Ekos. Not an Ekos user yet? Reach out to info@goekos.com to learn more about the benefits of using our craft management software.