New Winery Management Software, Ekos Winemaker, Will Efficiently Streamline Your Wineries’ Processes

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With harvest around the corner, Ekos, the industry leader in craft management software, announces the launch of their newest product – Ekos Winemaker. Ekos Winemaker saves wineries time and money by providing an easy to use, cloud-based system that manages inventory, production, sales, and accounting all in one place.

After five years as a leader in the alcoholic beverage industry, the Ekos team has enhanced their proprietary software platform to manage the nuances involved with the winemaking process. Ekos Winemaker enables vintners to quickly view which lots are in tanks, barrels, and finished goods, as well as tracking any blends that occur during production. With direct access to store their wine analysis per batch, it’s simple to track when the batch is in peak fermentation. To save vintners even more time, Ekos Winemaker also has the ability to generate the Report of Wine Premises Operations.

Ekos Winemaker is available for any device – and at no additional charge.

“Our team is excited to further our mission of helping craft manufacturers all over the world scale their business, streamline their processes, and optimize their teams. Delivering an easy to use affordable solution to winemakers has been a long-time goal of ours.” said Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos.

“From working with the more traditional bottling wineries to the innovative wineries using bottles, cans and kegs, our solution does it all.”

Ekos Winemaker provides efficient tracking for wineries in multiple areas including:

·      Raw material, packaging, and finished goods inventory, including lots

·      Barrel inventory and management plus the topping off process

·      Pre-Harvest planning for insights into potential batch yields and packaging material needs

·      Vendor bills, sales orders, invoices, and delivery shipments

·      Customizable reports and dashboards

·      Customer information and lead tracking

With the ability to plan out and forecast ingredient usage and finished goods in real time, companies can ensure all orders are met. Ekos Winemaker generates cost of goods sold to help make product costs easier to understand, allowing for adjustments as needed no matter the number of times a batch has been blended. The accounting data generated within the software is synced seamlessly to either QuickBooks or Xero accounting platforms. For any winery with a tasting room, Ekos also directly integrates with Square to sync sales and inventory details from the POS to Ekos.

Ekos is the industry leader in providing business management software to independent craft manufacturing companies. Continually growing, Ekos partners with over 1,550 craft producers to manage their day to day operations in inventory, production, sales, and accounting. With a few clicks of a mouse or swipes on a mobile device, they have made it easy for customers to organize, manage, and integrate information from every area of their operation into one easily accessible location.

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