Tip Tuesday: Benefits of Syncing Ekos and Xero

Do you use Xero as your accounting software? Sync it with Ekos!

Today’s tip is about the benefits of syncing Ekos and Xero, and how doing so will streamline your daily processes. Ekos seamlessly integrates with Xero, and as the last step of implementation the sync should happen once you are using real, accurate data in Ekos.

Once the sync is activated, you will create new company details, inventory receipts, invoices, and credit memos in Ekos, and once synced over, they’ll be replicated in Xero. This removes the need for duplicate work and ensures the data flowing between the systems is accurate.

If you have questions about whether you should sync your Ekos and Xero, check out our Knowledge Base for detailed information about how the sync works, how to export your Chart of Accounts, and Frequently Asked Questions.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time!