Enhanced Batch Process Prep Steps

A few insights and next steps for the enhanced batch process that's heading your way.

This new process will help with task management – now giving you the ability to assign tasks to teams or individuals, watch their progress in a calendar view and interact with your team in a new way. It will also allow your team to plan ingredient additions multiple days into the process (think dry-hopping) and provide new batch dashboards. To learn more about these enhancements check out the Knowledge Base – in the Enhanced Batch Process section you’ll find multiple articles and visuals relating to each of these features.


With all these enhancements – there are a few recommended steps we’d like for you to start. First – we need your team to start reviewing your recipes. When you upgrade – each of your recipe phases will be converted to tasks. What do we mean by this - on your current recipe every ingredient is given a "Recipe Phase" some of you may have customized these to have more than others. Think about how many different tasks – like these (insert screen capture) you want to manage during batch production. Our suggestion at minimum is to have a Brewhouse phase and a Dry hop phase. Next – we want you to consider 2 options when upgrading your customized Ekos to the enhanced batch process.  Decide if your team wants to upgrade and maintain all historical Ekos data OR if your team would rather upgrade with a fresh site. This would mean clearing your current recipes, inventory,  batches, and sales - allowing you to rebuild the data from scratch. If you decide to clear your data – no bother in updating your recipe phases you will get to customize your tasks after the upgrade!

 One more thing to note – if your team currently uses Ekos to populate your BRO this is still to come in the enhanced process and we recommend you holding off on upgrading.


Keep an eye on your inbox for more emails relating to the enhanced batch process and how to get started after your recipe updates are complete.