5 Ways to Improve Your Brewery’s Social Media

Easy tips & tricks to help your team improve your social media platforms.

Social Media plays a huge role in how consumers purchase goods now. 

With an increasing amount of craft producers popping up, standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult, making social media more important than ever. Here are 5 ways to set your brewery or cidery up for success within the social media world.  

1. Be Present

While a lot more goes into this, you must start by just being there. Have your profiles set up, use a consistent brand logo across all platforms and if possible, have the same username - making it easy for customers to know it’s you.  

Posting daily is a must, or at least the days you are open to the public. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best places to engage with your customers on a regular basis. These platforms have FREE scheduling apps you can use like Facebook scheduling, Tweetdeck, and Later that make your social media workflow much easier. If you’re looking for a platform that will support all outlets at a low cost – check out Hootsuite. These apps allow you to upload and schedule out your content, so it is automatically posting - allowing you to schedule content out, freeing up your time.  

2. Photos and Video

It is easier than ever to take a good photo. If you have some camera gear, great. But these days you don’t need more than an iPhone or Android device to create imagery. Simply knowing how to use the camera on your phone well, can pay off greatly. Here are some ways to maximize your phone’s potential with cool tricks as shown in this article by iPhone Photography School.  


Lighting is a huge factor as well. Put that perfectly poured craft brew next to a window and see the difference it makes compared to the darker areas of your facility.  

The amount of free or very cheap editing apps for mobile photography is also greater than ever before. We’ve used Snapseed and VSCO. The free presets (aka photo filters) available in these apps (especially VSCO) make editing a one-tap process, that can greatly improve your image.  

Video can be a bit more daunting but fear not! Get comfortable with Instagram stories and live video. Giving a behind the scenes peak into the brewing or blending process is more interesting to your consumer than you might think. This is also a very easy way to create content and show the personality of your business, which leads us into our next point...

3. Share your story

Paper Salesman Pale Ale, Dominion City

People buy from people, use social media to highlight unique aspects of why you started your business and what lead to this passion.  

The same goes for unique beers you have produced. What is the story behind the name? Our friends at Dominion City Brewing did a beer called “Paper Salesman Pale Ale” to honor a close family member who was a paper salesman his entire life. Now, who wouldn’t want to buy that beer?

This is also a great way to highlight your staff, the people sometimes literally selling the beer. This helps your customers get to know your brand even better and can spark loyalty.  

4. Events

Nothing is worse than putting time and effort into an event nobody comes to. Help prevent that by promoting your events on social. Facebook makes it easy to create a page for your event in minutes and makes it easy to share all the relevant details. People today are frequently finding out about cool local events through Facebook, because they see their friends are attending. This creates a snowball effect - helping get more people in and even more beverages out.  

Also, using Instagram and Twitter to show the day of setup is a great way to attract attention directly before the event. Using Instagram stories helps you make quick video and photo content that can be consumed quickly by your following.

5. Hashtags

Ahh, hashtags. We make fun of them, they seem a little silly, but they work! At the end of the day hashtags, such as #CraftBeer and #DrinkLocal, can help you reach a niche audience who might be searching for your content.  

Our only word of caution would be this – don't overdo it. While it is a great asset #nobody wants to #read a caption that uses #hashtags like #this. It looks tacky and isn’t going to help. Only tag relevant content to help create traction around your content.  

Social media is an incredibly valuable asset your company needs to be taking part in. Carving out time and putting in the effort is a worthwhile endeavor, that often only costs you time.