Webinar: Leveraging Technology for Your Cider Business

cidery business using software

Running a craft beverage business requires more than a skill and passion for cider making. In this webinar, Ekos co-founder and CEO Josh McKinney provides an overview of effective business management and a look at top technology trends for craft businesses. He touches on the shift to ecommerce sales, what technology craft producers use and find most valuable, and tips for growing and scaling your business.

Watch the recorded webinar below or visit our YouTube channel for all the Cider Business School recordings.

About Cider Business School

Cider Business School is a four-part educational series created through a partnership between Ekos and Cider Culture. The series brings together leaders from across the industry to talk about four topics that every cidermaker should have an understanding of: Operations, Production, Sales and Accounting.  

Cider Business School is offered at no cost and is open to all cider makers, whether you’re just starting out in the planning stages, recently launched and are pursuing growth, or are a well-established brand hoping to add more honed business skills to your toolkit.

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Written by Becca