Magnolia Brewing selects Ekos to better track production and sales

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San Francisco-based brewery will use Ekos to gain better insights and reduce time spent on data entry 

SAN FRANCISCO (Jan. 4, 2021) – Magnolia Brewing, part of New Belgium Brewing Company, is now using Ekos software to power its business. Ekos, a business management software for craft producers, works with more than 1,500 breweries, cideries and wineries worldwide. 

Magnolia Brewing, which produced 3,000 barrels in 2020, was previously using a complicated ERP system, but chose Ekos due to its modern, user-friendly interface. Magnolia will be using Ekos to: 

  • Track production tasks and plan batches 
  • Discover sales trends and improve the sales process 
  • Run reports to better understand COGS and other production costs 
  • Streamline TTB reporting by leveraging pre-filled reports 
  • Reconcile data between systems to cut down on data entry 

“After switching from a convoluted software, Ekos is a breath of fresh air,” said Seth Wile, head brewer at Magnolia Brewing. “Ekos will help us get a better handle on production costs and simplify our sales objectives and reporting companywide. We plan to use reports to increase efficiency in monthly inventory and gain better insight into COGS and sales trends.” 

Ekos is used by one in five U.S. breweries to manage inventory, production, sales and accounting. Users of the software can easily run reports and leverage insights to make better decisions to grow their businesses. Based on a recent analysis, Ekos customers grew at a seven times higher rate than breweries who do not use Ekos. 

“At Ekos, we help customers harness the power of technology to fuel growth,” said Josh McKinney, CEO of Ekos. “Despite the challenges of 2020, we saw many breweries not only survive, but thrive by embracing change and finding new ways to meet consumers where they are. Magnolia Brewing is a great example of a business that is using technology to streamline its processes so it can continue to succeed and grow.” 

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