Tasting Thursday: Session Mead with Clementine, Noble Cider

A drink that tastes like a honey mimosa — have we hooked you yet?

We're switching it up this week and trying something you don't normally see in our feed — mead!

For those who don't know, mead is honey wine. It's made similarly to wine that comes from grapes, but honey is the primary fermentable ingredient. Similar to the wine you're used to, mead ranges widely in ABV, sweetness, and level of carbonation.

This still mead from Noble Cider is made to be an easy drinker. Just like with beer, "session" means the ABV is lower so that you can have a lot if you want to! (P.S. Drink responsibly.) It's light and citrusy with lots of clementine flavor — Noble says it's like a "honey mimosa" and we totally agree.

Have you tried mead from Noble or any other brand? What did you think?

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Noble Cider