Tip Tuesday: Onboarding and Implementation

Change Is Tough – Here's How We Make It Easier

We understand change is hard in any aspect of life – especially in your business –

 and is often met with resistance. This isn't the Hunger Games where you're thrown to the wind to fend for yourselves. When you join the Ekos community, you are connected with our Customer Success team who oversees your onboarding and implementation process, leading you through each step. This team provides customized feedback, along with training articles and videos, all while setting you up for long term success. You are also given access to the Ekos Knowledge Base – a user resource that allows you to research solutions and guidance in every aspect of Ekos, on your own time.

When you become an Ekos user, you complete a four-week onboarding and implementation plan, during which you are encouraged to get in the system and start working. This includes a testing period lasting two weeks, where you have the freedom to experiment with test data and operate without fear of messing up your numbers. Practice makes perfect, right? We believe practicing in the system is an invaluable step in the learning process and will help you become an ekos_superuser.

Still not enough to settle the nerves of making a big change? We provide ongoing training opportunities through on-demand and live webinars, the ekos_con user conference, and unlimited access to our Support team. Here at Ekos, we know team work makes the dream work. When you join us, we become part of your team and will strive to help you make more_.

And we don't just stop here after you join, we also have a knowledge base to help - learn more