Optimizing the Food and Beverage Industry - Announcing Ekos Maker

System designed for the craft food and beverage maker - Ekos Maker. Streamline your inventory, production, sales, and accounting processes to give your team more time.

When we released Ekos Brewmaster five years ago, our vision was to help craft breweries in the United States grow and organize their business. We built relationships with breweries across the south and saw firsthand how inefficient processes are behind the scenes. Anything from receiving a shipment of grain to pouring a pint in the taproom was full of antiquated methods and we knew there was a better way for these producers to make more. These inefficiencies, along with the challenge of being an underdog against the “big beer” companies, can be an uphill battle. We knew there was a better way to manage a brewery that didn’t involve spreadsheets or outdated ERP systems.

Our vision was born, and we built the solution – a business management software tailored specifically for craft breweries.

Ekos Maker built for the food process

After we launched, we heard not only from breweries in the States, but all over the world. We expected to hear from other alcoholic beverage industries once Brewmaster was released – what we didn’t expect was this same need from the general food and beverage industry. We heard from ghee producers, coffee roasters, chocolatiers, kombucha brewers, bakers, syrup makers, and more. No matter the industry, the needs are the same. All craft makers need help streamlining their processes related to inventory, production, sales, and accounting.

Ekos Cidermaker launched in 2018, and with it we were able to give the growing cider industry flexible functionality for their blending process – along with enhanced TTB reporting. While we have been focused on completing Ekos Winemaker, the requests from those ghee producers, chocolatiers, soda makers, and everyone else has never left our minds. We started in beer, but our passion for seeing local craft businesses succeed extends far beyond the alcohol industry. For us, our next progression as a company and a product is a natural one – a system designed to allow the craft producer to focus on what they are passionate about – creating their products and sharing them with their communities.

Today we are excited to announce our latest Ekos system, ekos_maker.

Ekos Maker is the solution to help food and beverage companies thrive against the entrenched leaders in their space. Maker is the result of building a platform so flexible it can handle any production process from ice cream to pimento cheese to fermented foods. Maker can handle it all and this release gives us an opportunity to positively impact more than 150,000 craft producers. Way more than we ever imagined.

To be clear, Maker is not a pivot from the alcoholic beverage space for our company. By extending our reach into new markets, we can continue to evolve our industry leading platform while refining best practices to enable the best of class food and beverage businesses. From the development side, we know that anything we build for either food or beverage will benefit the overall industry ecosystem. Craft beer and alcohol is our first love, and we will be pouring more resources than ever into solidifying our position as the market leader in business management software for craft companies.

As of today, ekos partners with more than 1,550 companies in over 40 countries. We work with breweries, cideries, wineries, distilleries, distributors, kombucha makers, coffee roasters, and more. We are excited and ready to take this next step as a company. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the craft industry.

Learn more about Ekos Maker here.