Monday Night Brewing started as a fun way for a group of Atlantans to get to know each other after a weekly Bible study. Eventually, a group of three decided their commitment to homebrewing and letting loose on Monday nights was worth pursuing as a profession. Now, Monday Night Brewing is in the top 100 of the highest-producing breweries in the United States. The brewery has four locations in three states and creates eight beers year-round. Monday Night’s expansive team also stays true to core beliefs about making the brewery industry and their community better in and out of the taproom.


With four locations and booming production across the Southeast, Monday Night Brewing has a tech stack to match its extensive growth in recent years — totaling more than three times the production volume they started with 10 years ago. From data analytics to CRM software, they have it all. They needed a program that could bridge gaps between their many solutions and keep the team in the know about sales, production, and inventory. With so many team members, finding a home base that allowed all of their staff to log in and update their respective data without bumping heads with another user was essential. 


A decorated and high-producing brewery, Monday Night Brewing stacks its tech solutions to spur growth as it significantly increased production over the past few years. The glue holding those pieces together? Ekos.

Using Ekos to track and communicate sales orders, goals, and achievements across teams puts Monday Night ahead of the competition, according to Sales Analyst Jaclyn Turner. Ekos, which Jaclyn calls their “best friend,” hosts sales data that drives decisions in the business and gives her team the knowledge they need about customers, their preferences, and what’s selling to make decisions elsewhere. When Jaclyn plugs invoices into Ekos, the warehouse team can see what orders they need to pull and when — eliminating the need to call her up and write out details, because it’s all in Ekos.

Ekos’s QuickBooks integration gives Monday Night’s finance team the knowledge they need to keep the brewery on track and in good standing — without the headaches. Jaclyn says the easy  flow of information from Ekos (invoices and other financial data) into Quickbooks is a gamechanger for the team.

Monday Night’s brewing team is dedicated and diligent in their testing and production, which is why Jaclyn says the brewery has found growth in the craft beer sector, even as competition becomes stiffer. From Ekos to VIP to LilyPad, Jaclyn’s team understands the value of good data and uses that to ensure their customer accounts are getting the correct amount of high-quality beer every time. Jaclyn uses iDIG insights in VIP in conjunction with the brewery’s Ekos reporting to predict what her distributors will need 30, 60, or 90 days out at all times. Then, the team can leverage that data in Ekos to appropriately manage their inventory.

Every piece of Monday Night’s business is connected to technology, a practice that has helped the brewery succeed over the years. Jaclyn says Ekos is like the brewery’s hub in a big wheel — keeping sales, inventory, accounting, and production connected.

The brewery is exceeding goals in every way, and even walked home with a gold medal for their IPA, Space Lettuce, and a bronze medal in the Wood and Barrel-aged Beers category at the World Beer Cup. “Ekos is a trusted partner and we believe in the power of data from the software to propel us forward,” Jaclyn said.