Tip Tuesday: Setting Default Filters for Batches in Ekos

Customize your batch list view with this easy tip.

Today’s tip from the Customer Success team is on setting custom filters for your batch list view.

Ekos defaults to a list of your non-aging, in-progress batches, but each user is able to create their own custom view. After you click the Production icon on your home page, you’ll select the filter icon on the list view. Here you can choose from a variety of fields including batch status, site, and date range. After you’ve made your selections, Save this filter as a default so it is applied every time you view your batches.

If you don’t want to worry about custom filters, you can utilize the existing batch status filters from Ekos. These include Planned, In-Progress, Barrel Aging, and Completed. You can also view a list of all batches. No matter the filter, you can always type in the search bar to quickly grab the batch you need.

That’s it for today’s tip! Want to learn more? Explore how Ekos helps users with the production process as well as operations, sales, and accounting.