Tip Tuesday: Setting Inventory Reorder Points Ekos

Never run out of ingredients or packaging items again — set reorder points in Ekos to get reminders when inventory is low!

Today’s tip is about setting reorder points on your inventory items.

By setting these reorder points, you will be alerted when inventory reaches a specific threshold that is set by the user. When an item hits the threshold you’ve set, you will see an alert in a few places across Ekos.

First, you will see a notification on the home page of Ekos, on the Ingredients icon. By clicking that notification, Ekos will tell you exactly what ingredient is at or below threshold, prompting you to purchase more inventory.

Second, when viewing the forecasting tool, any item that is at or below its threshold will be highlighted by an orange field. This is a quick visual indicator for any items you may need to re-purchase, as well as the dates when they will run out.  

Third, Ekos can provide a report on all inventory items that are below the reorder point you have set. With these check points in place, you’ll always know where your inventory stands.

That’s it for today’s tip — see you next time! You can also learn more about how Ekos helps inventory specialists.