Tasting Thursday: Guatemala Whole Bean, Synchronicity Coffee Roasters & Berry Best Jam, Imladris Farm

Pour over coffee served with jam and crackers. Not a bad breakfast, if we do say so ourselves (we do).

It's time for some breakfast-themed treats on this week's Tasting Thursday! We started with a pour over of a Guatemala whole bean coffee from Synchronicity Coffee Roasters in Greensboro, NC. This Fair Trade Organic roast was light and bright, and we enjoyed the way the pour over brought out the crisp flavor notes of this bean.

We also tried Imladris Farm's Berry Best Jam, a fruity combination of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Imladris makes many tasty jams and fruit butters from their seventh-generation family farm in Spring Mountain, NC.

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Synchronicity Coffee Roasters


Imladris Farm

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