Tip Tuesday: Task View in Ekos

Today’s tip is on the Task View available through the Production Icon in Ekos.

This feature provides a targeted view of upcoming and overdue tasks while providing multiple interactive options without leaving the screen.

When you click the Production icon, you’ll be taken to your batch list. By clicking the Task button at the top, your task view will appear. Here you’ll see a list of all upcoming and overdue tasks, as well as ones that need attention. Tasks that need attention can range from those missing a location, to tanks being over capacity.

From this view, you can assign users to tasks, add notes, and click into the task card to make edits as needed. You can also set default filters for your personal login, giving you a view customized to your needs. Select the filter button to choose from a variety of fields including assignee, task status, and task type. After you’ve made your selections, Save this filter as a default so it is applied each time you enter the Task View.

That’s it for today’s tip – see you next time!

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