Tasting Thursday: After Midnight, Lamp Lighter Brewing

On this weeks #TastingThursday Curt and Alec try After Midnight by Lamp Lighter Brewing.


Alec: Hey Guys, I'm Alec.

Curt: And I'm Curt.

Alec: For today's Tasting Thursday we will be trying Lamp Lighter Brewing Company's After Midnight Imperial Stout. Lamp Lighter Brewing Company is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Just outside of the Boston Area. A lot of people are probably familiar with the town's name, and that is because Harvard University is located there.

Alec: Smells delicious, cheers! Definitely get the maple syrup there, with this beer there are over 200 pounds of Vermont maple syrup produced to make this beer.

Curt: This has a very cool texture to it. It smells and taste just amazing. They also use Madagascar vanilla beans, so with that you can smell the vanilla, coffee and espresso.

Alec: It is a great beer to drink when it is warm outside, or even cold.

Curt: It's a 9% ABV beer, so obviously I wouldn't go to fast with it, but definitely a beer to get on a cold night or sometime in the afternoon if it isn't 97 degrees where you are at.

Curt: Thanks for tuning in this Thursday, next Thursday as always tune in to see us try another beer and give you are feedback. And as always leave a comment below on this beer if you have tried it, or one you would like us to see us try.

Alec: Thanks guys!