Tasting Thursday: Austin Beerworks, Flavor Country

Alec: Hey guys, I’m Alec. Today for tasting Thursday we are honored to be joined by Mike from Austin Beerworks in Austin, Texas. What are we trying today Mike?

Mike: Thanks for having me! Today we are trying Flavor Country, it is a beer we are so proud of we had to create a whole country for it.

Alec: Awesome, well let’s go-ahead and try it. Cheers!

Mike: Cheers!

Alec: Mmm! Definitely get the hops right when you smell it, phenomenal! What kind of hops do you use for this beer?

Mike: So this beer is kind of different for us, it is the first experimenting we have done in awhile. So this one we do something really different, we use Simco in the mash, so we actually mash-hop in this one. My partner Will had done some experimenting with using hops. When to use them, how to use them. So this one actually using some hops in the mash, pretty different, pretty unique. Then also, we are using some citra and mosaic, cryo. But we are using it after knock-out. So right after knock-out, some citra and mosaic. And you kind of get some unique things you couldn’t get else where.

Alec: Definitely get flavor profile of them all in there.

Mike: Of course we dry hop after that as well. If some hops are good, lets keep it going.

Alec: Hey, that is why they call it a hoppy pale ale right?

Mike: That is exactly it!

Alec: Well thanks Mike for joining us. If you guys have had this beer in the Texas area please comment below and let us know what you think of it or if you have any other beers you would like us to try. Thanks guys!