Tasting Thursday: Awe Deuce, Gate City Brewing Company

Alec: Hey guys I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: And today for tasting Thursday, we are going to be trying “Awe Deuce” from our friends at Gate City Brewing Company, located in Roswell, Georgia, right outside of Atlanta.

Alec: I’m excited for this one, this is a Triple IPA

Curt: This one is going to pack some punch at 10.5% ABV

Alec: That is a high roller.

Curt: Definitely!

Alec: Look at the color.

Curt: Wow! Cheers. It’s definitely got that tropical flavor to it. The triple has a thicker body to it.

Curt: It actually says on the side of the can “collaborate and listen, gently roll this can before opening. Enjoy this fresh, and delicious beer.” So you are supposed to roll the can so you can break up some of the sediment that is in here, as it is a triple IPA. It has a lot of sediment in there, it might freak some people out. If you pour all the way to the bottom, you are going to get some sediment.

Alec: It is pretty easy drinking for a triple.

Curt: Just don’t drink it to quickly or you’ll get in trouble. Guys if you get down to Roswell, Georgia try out our friends at Gate City. Unbelievable beer, you can actually buy their stuff in their taproom now. So check them out if you are down there. As always, leave a comment on this video if you have tried this beer or want to see us try something else. Tune in next Thursday as we try another beer!

Alec: Cheers guys!