Tasting Thursday: Basil Mint, Seattle Cider Co.

Alec: Hey guys I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: And today for tasting Thursday we are going to be trying the Basil Mint hard cider from our friends at Seattle Cider Company up in Seattle, Washington. Now the cool thing about this cider is it is made with real Washington Apples. Let’s go ahead and give it a try.

Curt: You get the mint right away. Take a sniff of it

Alec: You get that basil in it as well.

Curt: Oh man, so good. I want to point out a couple things on the can. So it is made with fresh basil and mint leaves. And they also give a scale on there on it’s sweetness. So it has some tart in it, and it talks about that, but on the dry to sweet scale, 0-5 brix, this would be considered a semi-sweet. So it is right there in the middle, just a little lower actually. You aren’t going to get knocked in the face with a really sweet cider, but it isn’t really, really dry.  

Alec: The really great thing about this cider to, is that it is gluten free, so everyone can enjoy it.

Curt: Alright guys, well thanks for tuning in to watch us try this cider. As always, leave your comments below if you have tried this, or want to see us try something else. Tune in next Thursday, we look forward to hearing from you.

Alec: Thanks guys!