Tasting Thursday: Blonde Fatale, Peace Tree Brewing Co.

Alec: Hey guys I’m Alec
Curt: And I’m Curt
Alec: Today for tasting Thursday we are going to be trying from our friends at Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville, Iowa, the Blonde Fatal.
Alec: As a native Iowan, I really enjoy this beer and I am very excited to have it again.
Curt: Right off the bat, you will see it has really cool bottling, you don’t see a lot of bottles in the stumpy style bottles anymore.
Alec: You usually have to go to Jamaica to see those kinds of bottles.
Curt: Hooray, cheers!
Alec: You can smell the banana right there
Curt: You get banana right off the bat.
Alec: Now the cool thing about this beer is it is not your typical blonde ale, it is a Belgian style blonde ale. You’ll notice on the ABV it is 8.5%, usually, blonde ales are around the 4-5% range.
Curt: Yeah, that is certainly is nice, is says it has a little bit of bitterness, but you really don’t taste it. The banana and the other piece really take over. We will call attention to, on the bottle they have some neat designs all over it, but on the back we have talked about the independent craft symbol which the upside-down bottle, that more and more people are putting at their breweries and on the front of their doors, this actually they go as far as to put it on their bottle and labeling which is pretty cool.
Curt: If you are ever up in Iowa,  defiantly check these guys out. We appreciate you guys tuning in, tune in next week as we try another beer or cider. As always leave your comments, if you have been to Iowa and tried this or if you would like to see us try something else.
Alec: Thanks guys, go Hawks!