Tasting Thursday: Cassel Brewery

On this weeks Tasting Thursday we try out a couple of beers from Cassel Brewery.

Alec: Hey guys, I'm Alec.

Curt: And I'm Curt.

Alec: And today, for tasting Thursday we will be trying a couple of beers from our friends at Cassel Brewery, located up in Cassel, Ontario. Big thanks to Sean up there for sending these to us! First beer we are going to be trying is their IPA. Cheers!

Curt: Cheers!

Alec: That is really good, I'm getting some simcoe in there, some ammarillo hops.

Curt: It is a dry hop, so you are going to get a little different flavor, but it is very, very smooth. It is a lighter IPA.

Alec: You get some citrus and Pine in the taste as well.

Curt: It is there take on the American-English IPA. A cool thing about what Cassel does, is on their cans, is this is a 6.4% IPA and if you spin it around there is a diagram that tells you how malty, how sweet, how hoppy, how bitter and how juicy. This is going to have a juicy and hoppy flavor, with a little bit of bitterness. It has a 3/5 on the bitterness. This is a cool thing they do on the can, you will see that on the next one too.

Alec: It is very informative for the customers too, so they can see if they like hoppy beers or really matly beers

Curt: They can see it right on the can if they don't feel like asking. Next one we are going to try is their Franco, it is there lager. You get the look, I mean it looks like a lager, it looks smooth and crisp.

Alec: You get that crisp flavor, soft hop bitterness to it so it isn't overpowering like what we just had with the IPA. You can sit on your porch and just have multiples of these.

Curt: So good, and again if I go and show you the can, they have awesome designs. This is a 4.5%, and again if you look at the malty , the sweet, it isn't as sweet so you are going to get the bitter flavor, but you will get a big drinkability so you can drink a bunch of them. It is light, but crisp. Something you all might be used to with a lot of American beers. Truly appreciate you tuning in again, tune in next Thursday as we do another Tasting Thursday. If you have tried these drop your comments below. And as always if you have a recommendation let us know and we will try those for you.

Alec: Thanks guys.