Tasting Thursday: City Wide, 4 Hands Brewing Co

Alec: Hey guys, I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: Today for Tasting Thursday we are going to be trying City Wide from 4 Hands Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri, which is your hometown(curt). So let’s go ahead and try this.

Alec: The cool thing about this beer is they donate a percentage of the proceeds to local non-profits. So as you are drinking this beer in the St. Louis area be sure to remember that and pick some up.

Curt: It is a good 5.5% American Pale Ale, not going to be but certainly going to be a little more than other local beers.

Alec: Cheers!

Curt: It’s so good, we drank a lot of this at the St. Louis Cardinals games, which is pretty neat. One thing that 4 Hands does that is awesome is ever can comes with a food pairing. If you have been to St. Louis or heard anything about it and toasted ravioli, they claim to be the home of toasted ravioli, where it all began on the hill. It says here that it will pair well with toasted ravioli and park steaks. So if you get a chance try to pair it!

Alec: Sounds like a good dinner to me!

Curt: Well, if you are ever in St. Louis be sure to check out 4 Hands, great beer, great staff and a great location. Thanks for tuning into another tasting Thursday, be sure to tune in next week as we try another beer or cider and let us know below if you have tried this one!

Alec: Cheers guys!