Tasting Thursday: Coop Ale Works, Territorial Reserve Imperial Stout

On this weeks Tasting Thursday we try out the Territorial Reserve Stout from Coop Ale Works.

Alec: Hey Guys, I’m Alec and today for tasting Thursday we are joined by Blake from Coop Ale works in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. What are we trying today Blake?
Blake: We have our Territorial Reserve imperial stout. We have a series of territorial reserves we release seasonally and our stout comes out in the winter. This is our 2017 vintage, aged in bourbon barrels for a little over a year. It’s 13%, big, boozy and hopefully awesome.
Alec: That’s right, well let’s go ahead and try it. Cheers!
Alec: Wow, it is definitely boozy. But it is good.
Blake: It has been made since 2009, inception. We have always had the stout in the lineup. It has been fun to try different barrels and tweak the recipe along the way. The stout is always a beer that has been close to my heart and it is a beer we are really proud of.
Alec: What do you guys put in this beer to make it?
Blake: Oh boy, we max out the mash tun as much as possible, barrel age it. All kinds of extra dark crystal, Carmel malts, a little bit of roasted barley a lot of chocolate malt.
Alec: You can defiantly taste the chocolate
Blake: A lot of chocolate malt.
Alec: It is almost like eating a Hershey candy bar right there.
Blake: And you know, I’m a guy who has always been a fan of less bitter stouts, and just really letting the malt just really blowing it out of the water. So I’m really proud of the way these beers have come together.
Alec: Well this is phenomenal, I appreciate you bringing it today. If you guys have tried this beer comment below, and if there are any other beers you would like to see us try in the future please let us know. Thanks guys!