Tasting Thursday: Cryoflayer 9.99, Marz Community Brewing Company

On this week's #TastingThursday we try out Cryoflayer 9.99 from our friends at Marz Community Brewing Company.

Alec: Hey Guys, I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: And today for tasting Thursday we’re going to be trying the Cryoflayer 9.99 from our friends in Chicago, Illinois.

Curt: Did I catch a nine in there?

Alec: I think you did

Curt: It’s a triple dry-hopped double hazy IPA

Alec: Wow, good luck saying that 10 times fast

Curt: Trying saying it one time fast

Curt: So we are going to try this, we love hazy IPAs so we are going to give you our thoughts

Alec: Cheers!

Curt: Smells just like you want it to

Alec: It taste just like you want it to, too

Curt: That is fantastic, but again 9% in a twelve ounce can so be careful. To our friends up in Chicago check this out at Marz if you haven’t already. Tune in next week as we try another beer or cider, and as always thanks for tuning in.

Alec: Thanks guys, go Cubs!