Tasting Thursday: Don't Be Mean To People, Ponysaurus Brewing Co.

Alec: Hey guys, I’m Alec! Today we are honored to be with our friends Margret and Rob from Ponysaurus Brewing out in Durham, North Carolina and I’ll let them explain what we are trying today.

Margret: Awesome, thanks Alec! So we are drinking a beer today called “Don’t Be Mean To People” it is the golden rule saison. It was a beer that was initially a collaboration started our between Mystery Brewing and Ponysaurus, but it ended up involving over 40 breweries around the state of North Carolina in response to HB2, known as the “bathroom bill”. When brewers find legislation they don’t agree with, they have very few emotions to work with so they make beer about things and so this is the beer we made in response to that. So, Rob, would you like to tell us about it?

Rob: Well, why don’t we try it first?

Margret: Yeah!

Alec: Cheers guys!

Alec: The smell on it is phenomenal

Rob: Yeah, so we brew this using all epiphany malt, they are a quarter of a mile away from us, we like to use our local neighbors. We get our molasses out of Tennessee. We try to keep things as local as physically possible. It has some really phenomenal hops in it, sorachi and jerrylo, you get a lot of that in the aroma.  Me, personally, I do get that molasses to, a little orange blossom honey,

Alec: I was going to say, I get a little bit of orange in there.

Rob: It’s a real phenomenal saison quality you get.

Alec:  Well, thanks again for tuning in guys.  Please leave your comments below, if you have any suggestions or things you want to see us try please let us know. We will see you next Thursday!