Tasting Thursday: Hazy Nuggets, 450 North Brewing Company

On this week's Tasting Thursday we try out Hazy Nuggets from our friends at 450 North Brewing Company.

Alec: Hey guys, I’m Alec

Curt: And I’m Curt

Alec: And today for Tasting Thursday, we are going to be trying Hazy Nuggets from our friends at 450 North Brewing Company, in Columbus, Indiana.

Curt: Yeah, pretty stoked to try this one.

Alec: Yeah, we are real excited to try this one. They are well known for their IPAs, they do one once a month and send out 5 cans so check out their Instagram to see what they are releasing this month.

Curt: Yeah, we are definitely excited to try this one. It is a 50/50 split between Galaxy and Vic Secret Hops. I’m a huge fan of the Vic Secret Hops.

Alec: Cheers

Curt: So it is double dry-hopped, so you can smell that immediately.

Alec: It hits your nose as soon as you smell it.

Curt: It is very fruity, very juicy. It’s fantastic, and it has the color of a double dry-hopped too.

Alec: And if you notice the can it takes you back to your childhood with the Flintstones or fruity pebbles reference right there.

Curt: Next time you get a chance, try out some stuff from 450 North, they make some great IPAs and other great beers. We appreciate you tuning in, tune in next week as we try another beer or cider. As always leave your comments below if you have tried this or want to see us try something else.

Alec: Cheers guys