Tasting Thursday: Holy Roller, Urban South

On this weeks Tasting Thursday, Curt tries out the Holy Roller from our friends at Urban South.

Curt: Hey guys, it’s Curt. I’m here with Kyle today, one of the co-founders of Urban South, there located down in New Orleans, Louisiana. Today we are trying the Holy Roller, it’s one of their IPAs. After we try it I’ll let Kyle tell you a little about it.

Kyle: Yeah, cheers!

Curt: Man, that is really good.

Kyle: Yeah so Holy Roller, we’ve been open for around two and a half years now and this was the first beer we released. It’s a hazy IPA, it was the first one in the New Orleans market. It took the market by storm, and it has been our number one ever since. It’s a citra mosaic with a little centennial for that grapefruit bitterness. What is great about it, is that it goes great with our climate down in the south, it’s not a really heavy IPA. With a lot of our beer names, we like to have a little fun with our culture in the south. We like to say the Holy Roller is for the people who are out on bourbon street on Friday and Saturday night and Sunday morning in church sitting next to their momma, sitting in the pew, singing those hymns loud.

Curt: Guys, if you get the chance definitely try Holy Roller. If you are down in New Orleans definitely look these guys up, and go see them. Tune in next Thursday to see us try another beer. As always let us know below if you have tried Holy Roller, or if there is a beer you would like us to try. We appreciate you guys tuning in.